Support of QoS, CoS, and Best Effort Communication

The proposed architecture provides quality of service (QoS) and class of service (CoS) guaranteed communication as well as best effort communication. For example, L5-Reliable-path is mapped to L4-Reliable-path. In L4, L4-reliable-path may be provided by some mechanisms such as the reliability control and the sequence control.

L5-CoS-path is mapped to L4-CoS-path, which is mapped to L3-CoS-path. In L3, L3-CoS-path may be provided by a DiffServ mechanism.

Similarly, L5-QoS-path is mapped to L4-QoS-path, which is mapped to L3-QoS-path, which is mapped to L2-QoS-path. L2-QoS-path may be provided by a virtual circuit mechanism such as MPLS in L2, or it may further  be mapped to L1-QoS-path. In L1, QoS guaranteed communication is provided by a circuit switching mechanism.

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