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Kei Mikami had a presentation of “Verification of a Multi-Domain Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Yamata-no-Orochi” in 11th International Conference on Future Internet Technologies @ Nanjing, China. (CFI 2016)


Kohei Matsueda had a presentation of “Realization of Moving Cells in LTE-Advanced Network Using DHCPv6-PD” in The 78th IPSJ SIG-MBL Workshop @ Naha, Japan. (IPSJ SIG-MBL)


Hiroki Watanabe had a presentation of “Prototype Implementation of Session Layer in ZNA, a New Generation Network Architecture” in The 78th National Convention of IPSJ @ Yagami, Japan. (The 78th National Convention of IPSJ)


Hiroki Watanabe had a presentation of “L5-path: A Session Layer Protocol on ZNA, a New Generation Network Architecture” in IEICE IA 2015 @ Karatsu, Japan. (IEICE IA)


Soichiro Iwai had a presentation of “Personalized Contents Selection using Graph Structures of Catalogue System and User’s Access History” in IEICE IN @ Miyazaki, Japan. (IEICE IA)


Mu YongHeng had a presentation of “Access Control in an ICN mechanism ZINK” in IEICE IN workshop @ Nagoya, Japan. (IEICE-IN)


An invention by Teraoka Laboratory and NTT was registered as a patent (patent number: 5845133). The title of the invention is “Communication control system and communication control method”.


Takuro Yamagishi, Kei Mikami, and Shuto Yoshihara had a presentation in IEICE IA & ICN @ Hiroshima, Japan. (IEICE-IN)


Jesu Petar Maglutac had a presentation of “Hamana: An Application-oriented Network Architecture with Service-driven Programmable Gateways” in IEICE-IA workshop @ Narita, Japan. (IEICE-IA)


Yumi I had a presentation of “Redundant data selection and transmission system for the traffic Reduction of Content Espresso” in IEICE-MoNA workshop @ Kobe, Japan. (IEICE-MoNA)

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