Teraoka Laboratory

  • Internet
  • Distributed systems

This laboratory focuses on Internet architecture/protocols and distributed systems which lead to coming mobile and ubiquitous era. The current Internet cannot support various demands. This laboratory aims at redesign of Internet architecture in terms of mobility, ubiquity, fault tolerance, security, and privacy. In addition, this laboratory aims at building distributed systems as applications running on the Internet.

Kaneko Laboratory

  • Application oriented networking
  • Distributed systems

If we lose application viewpoints, even the latest technologies cannot work for a promising application. Aiming at highly information-oriented society, our laboratory investigates the technical requirements from application perspective, develops new applications and systems using cutting-edge networking and distributed computing technologies, and evaluates them with global application communities for the further improvements. We are focusing on high quality media applications with the large number of large files over the world.


IPSJ DPS 2019-05

Tomonori Sato gave a presentation at IPSJ DPS 2019-05 at Amami, Kagoshima.

  • 佐藤 友範, 渡邊 大記, 林 和輝, 寺岡 文男, “COTSデバイス向けアプリケーション処理連接基盤”, 研究報告マルチメディア通信と分散処理 (DPS), Vol. 2019-DPS-179, no. 28, pp. 1 - 8, 2019 年 5 月.

IEICE SeMI 2019-05

Soh Takamura gave a presentation at IEICE SeMI 2019-05 at Amami, Kagoshima.

  • 高村 壮, 寺岡 文男, “SDN Push-Pull Data Collection: Wi-FiマルチホップIoTネットワークにおける画像収集方式”, 信学技報, vol. 119, no. 53, SeMI2019-9, pp. 123-128, 2019年5月.

EuroDW 2019

Hiroki Watanabe gave a presentation at the 13th EuroSys Doctoral Workshop (EuroDW 2019) at Dresden, Germany.

  • Hiroki Watanabe, Collaborator: Takao Kondo, Supervisor: Fumio Teraoka
    Title: “Application-Level Service Chaining for General In-Network Computation”, EuroSys Doctoral Workshop 2019, March. 2019.

Note: the workshop is not a venue for publication; there will be no published proceedings.

IEICE IN 2019-03

Ryo Ogitani gave a presentation at IEICE IN 2019-03 at Naha, Okinawa.

  • 荻谷 凌, 金子 晋丈, “Virtual File:認証認可とファイル取得の独立制御を可能にする広域データ流通フォーマット”, 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 466, IN2018-127, pp. 259-264, 2019年3月.

IEICE NS 2019-03

Kazuki Hayashi and Daisuke Settai gave presentations at IEICE NS 2019-03 at Naha, Okinawa.

  • 林 和輝, 渡邊 大記, 近藤 賢郎, 寺岡 文男, “LiON: Infrastructure as Codeに基づくL3プロトコル非依存な仮想ネットワーク構築ツール”, 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 465, NS2018-296, pp. 593-598, 2019年3月.

  • 攝待 大輔, 近藤 賢郎, 張 亮, 松下 祐介, 寺岡 文男, “ユーザ空間とカーネル空間の連携を考慮したNetwork Function Chaining基盤”, 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 465, NS2018-244, pp. 301-306, 2019年3月.

IEICE MoNA 2019-03

Shungo Kusakabe gave a presentation at IEICE MoNA 2019-03 at Tokyo.

  • 日下部 俊吾, 渡邊 大記, 近藤 賢郎, 寺岡 文男, “周期的バーストパケットロスがストリーミングアプリケーションに与える影響の評価 ~ 高速列車内のモバイルネットワークに着目して ~”, 信学技報, vol.118, no.467, MoNA2018-74, pp.65-70, 2019年3月.

IEICE Transactions on Communications

Ochiai Takamasa’s paper is accepted by IEICE Transactions on Communications

  • Takamasa Ochiai, Kohei Matsueda, Takao Kondo, Hiroaki Takano, Ryota Kimura, Ryo Sawai, Fumio Teraoka, “Moclis: a Moving Cell Support Protocol Based on Locator/ID Split for 5G System”, Vol.E102-B, No.8 (will be published on Aug, 2019)

IEICE IA 2018-12

Daiki Hashimoto gave a presentation at IEICE IA 2018-12 at Hiroshima.

  • 橋本 大樹, 近藤 賢郎, 寺岡 文男, “ネットワークオントロジBonsaiに基づくネットワーク構成のインスタンス自動生成機構”, 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 360, IA2018-41, pp. 9-16, 2018年12月.

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

Kazuki Hayashi’s research was featured in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

  • 日刊工業新聞, “実証可能な仮想ネット、慶大が開発 IaC活用”, 2018年12月12日, 27面.

IEICE IA 2018-11

Hiroki Watanabe gave a presentation at IEICE IA 2018-11 at Akihabara, Tokyo.

  • 渡邊 大記, 近藤 賢郎, 寺岡 文男, “通信と計算の融合に向けたアプリケーション処理連接基盤,” 信学技報, vol. 118, no. 326, IA2018-37, pp. 9-16, 2018年11月.