Kaneko Laboratory was established in April 2012. Kaneko Lab. explores a new generation network architecture through application oriented networking.

The latest technologies without application viewpoints will not bring promising services or useful systems. Aiming at highly information-oriented society, our laboratory investigates the technical requirements from application perspective, develops new applications and systems using cutting-edge networking and distributed computing technologies, and evaluates them with global application communities for the further improvements.

Among many applications, we are focusing on high quality media applications in the field of digital cinema, digital archives, and digital museums. In the highly subdivided and professionalized fields, we look through the digital data from its cradle to the grave and keep them on-line, useful, and sustainable.

Our research activities are categorized into four layers. From the lower to the higher, traditional ICT platform with offload functions for upper layers using platform programability, file retrieval platform specialized for large sized files, file relation management platform, and the applications. Our research projects related to each layer are OIF router, Content Espresso, Catalogue System, and Demitasse and MoSaIC respectively. Our activities are tightly coupled with the activities at Research Institute for Digital Media and Content in Keio University.

August 2014, Kunitake Kaneko

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