Distributed Content Reference System


The number of digital data is continuously increasing in global networks and various relations among these fragments are not stored or shared in the samescale as for the Internet. Our Catalogue system uses directed graphs to express the various relations between these elements. In addition to that, many users manage and share the relations over the world autonomously and in a distributed manner.

Wide Clock Synchronization

Clock synchronization

Highly accurate clock synchronization is required in many industry such as power distribution, video industry, and telecom industry. IEEE1588 (PTP: Precise Time Protocol) is a protocol which aims sub-micro seconds levels of clock synchronization accuracy over IP/Ethernet network. Our laboratory examines an accuracy of PTP in various situations and designes network for clock synchronization.

Digital Archive

Content Rights Management Infrastructure

Broadcasters and museums archives a lot of contents. However, the operation method and the utilization method of these contents are not established. We are building an archive model of contents using magnetic tape storage which is ultra-high capacity media, and developing a content rights management system using blockchain.

Service Oriented Architecture


The appearance of technologies such as cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things) have changed network services dramatically. However, the networks running these services are bounded by the traditional architecture. Our service oriented gateway adopts a controllable SDN (Software-Defined Networking) platform which allows the network to adapt to the needs of these services, thus realizing more potential for the development of network services.

Data Oriented Security

Activation Server

Interest in big data sharing is increasing. However, if a data provider shares his data without limiting its usage, he may suffer a loss because big data has various values. We propose Activation Server as an intermediary server for data provision. In this system, a data provider specifies the program that processes the data. Likewise, the program provider specifies the data. Activation Server binds the data and program that providers specified bi-directionally. Then Activation Server processes only the data included in that pair. This system enables data providers to limit data users and usages of data.

4K Video Production and Distribution System

MOON: Media Operations On Networks

High quality media content data such as HD, 4K, and 8K requires huge computation power to process. It is expected to handle them in data centers. However, there are no united networked platform that smoothly integrates recording, rendering, and distributing the contents. We are developing a file-based media platform on network using Catalogue system and Content Espresso.